One of the latest trends in the industry, and one that we here at MICROS eCommerce are particularly fond of, is the rise of infographics used to communicate complex concepts in a simplified manner.  What exactly is an infograph you ask?  Infographics are simply graphic representations of  information, data or knowledge. While not a new concept, this form of designer data has made a recent comeback as the answer to marketers’ needs for presenting statistics and information (that might otherwise be too dull to wade through) in an intriguing manner. Infographics remedy this issue by transforming hard data into a colorful playground for the eyes.

MICROS eCommerce sees great value in this method, and therefore, we would like to present you with a library of infographics, featuring trends, statistics, predictions, and more as they relate to online marketing. Enjoy, and please leave your feedback in the comments section below to let us know your thoughts, or to suggest topics that you may want to see brought to life by our team of experts!

Click on the images below to view the infographics:




















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