Chris Poda – Strategic Media Planning


Chris Poda, strategic media planning manager at TIG Global, oversees the company’s $5 million media portfolio and the development of new media relationships.

As one of TIG Global’s initial employees, Chris began his tenure in 2003 as a Web Marketing Analyst, assuming management of the company’s media portfolio during a period of extensive client expansion.  His expertise in multiple analytics tools, including Omniture Site Catalyst and HBX, have aided him in successfully optimizing pay-per-click and digital media campaigns for multi-tiered clients on a daily basis. Exposure to a wide variety of clients has afforded him the dual opportunity to gain experience marketing hotels, along with on-and off-site revenue streams.

In his current role as Digital Media Manager, Chris is responsible for ensuring that TIG Global is updated with the most advanced media trends and technology, and assessing the impact of these resources to clients.  He is tasked with company-wide, departmental education on strategic partnership changes, as well as industry developments requiring deeper analysis on a client level. Due to his seasoned experience, Chris often oversees and implements high-level media campaigns for TIG Global’s large-scale clients.

Chris holds a Bachelor of Science degree from American University in Washington, DC, and is currently an active member of Online Advertising Professionals and the eMarketing Association.

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