About the Columns

To better assist you in navigating our blog, we have provided a quick guide to the columns we regularly post:

Ask the Expert
Ask the Expert provides a sounding board for our seasoned leaders to share their proactive thoughts, ideas, and suggestions for harnessing industry knowledge and advancements.

Client Spotlight
Client Spotlight allows us to periodically shine the light on our exemplary clients and share the secrets to their successes with our readership.   Each column focuses on a single client and presents a case study on how they achieved success.

Eye on the Industry
Eye on the Industry allows us to bring a new slant to industry news as it develops, and respond in a thoughtful and meaningful way, keeping readers apprised and aware of recent events that directly relate to their bottom-lines.   It is also the perfect forum for updates on recent conferences and events that shape the future of online marketing.

Good Reads
We at MICROS eCommerce just plain enjoy a good read, as we are continually striving to learn more and improve upon our business. Good Reads gives us the opportunity to distribute literature that is more formal in nature, such as white papers and editorial articles that inspire innovative business practices and yield positive results.

News We Noted
In the fast-paced world of online marketing, it is imperative to stay attuned to current events that could potentially affect your day-to-day business as it relates to the Internet.  News We Noted is a forum for MICROS eCommerce employees of varied backgrounds and departments to respond to recent events, bringing insight to new technology and best business practices.

Do you have an idea for a column that you would like to see on the MICROS eCommerce Blog?  Are you a client that would like to be featured in the Client Spotlight?  Let us know!  We welcome your thoughts and suggestions: digitalcompass@micros.com


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