Tips for determining if you should join a new social media platform

The following post is from Meghan Veroneau, Marketing Coordinator.

It seems that a new social platform launches every few weeks, and with each introduction, a flurry of blog posts and mentions about how these platforms will become “the next Facebook” or “the new Twitter.” But properties can’t simply adopt each platform as they launch – choosing any new marketing platform should take careful thought and planning.

But just how do you determine which social channels are most appropriate for your property or organization, and when (if at all) you should add a new channel?

Below, we discuss a roadmap that can help you determine when it’s most appropriate to add a new channel to your social marketing strategy, ensuring that you remain a trend setter not a trend follower or trend dependent.

Who is the audience?

Determine the demographic makeup of a new platform. Is that audience matching up with your property or destination? If you’re in the same places as your target demographic, you will stay top-of-mind and gather more engagement.

However, using a new platform to attract a new demographic can work to your advantage as well. If a new platform – like Pinterest, which attracts primarily women – piques your interest, you’ll simply want to make sure that your strategy is well planned and specifically targeted.

What are the benefits?

Each platform has pros and cons. While basic, a pros and cons list can be a useful tool to help determine of a specific platform can work for your brand.

When will you have resources and support?

We’ve said it before, but no new platform will be successful unless you have the resources to focus time and energy on their success. No social channel is designed to be “set it and forget it,” so if you’re struggling to post to Facebook and Twitter regularly, you’ll want to plan carefully before adding more to your plate.

Where are your competitors?

Have your competitors seen success with this platform? We don’t suggest adopting something simply because others in your brand or comp set have done so, but evaluating carefully what has worked for others can often give you a guide of whether or not it will work for your brand.

Why do you want to add this platform?

Adding a new social channel takes work and dedication. You’ll need to carefully consider why you want to join – to share beautiful images, to be where your customers are, to increase conversions – and structure a strategy around that goal.

Not sure where to go from here? The MICROS eCommerce team can help you asses your social media strategy and determine if the new platform would be a good fit. Contact a sales manager or your client service manager today to learn how our Search & Social team can help you.

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