The Recipe for a Successful POS Install


By: Brian Harper- Implementation Specialist, Major Accounts

You are planning the grand opening of your food and beverage operation: quick service or table service restaurant, casino, amusement park, or stadium and arena. You have chosen MICROS as your point-of-service (POS) provider and you are eagerly waiting to get the ball rolling. We know that your schedule up to the grand opening is filled with employee trainings and preparations other than our own.

So what ingredients ensure a recipe for success for your POS install?

1)      Keep a file to log all of the important information related to your MICROS install: contact phone numbers for the help desk & account manager, where to get supplies, credit card merchant contact info, case numbers, PCI security compliance information, instruction manuals, etc.

2)      Be thorough in listing out the details to be included in your ‘scope of work’ for the install so a proper schedule can be built that allows for each task to get completed. This saves time, money, and a great deal of stress in the long-run.

3)      Have complete food & drink menus ready for your installer by the site survey date. The installer will typically begin building your database immediately after your site survey, and they will need to be building the menu that you are paying them to create.

4)      Ensure that your network is ready to go by the arrival date of your installer. Whether your property is being built from the ground up or you have been established for ages, you will still need to verify that each data port has network connectivity and the correct ports are open on your firewall. It is best to have someone that is capable of configuring your network readily available during the install.

5)      Include a follow-up training visit. Yes, you will need to learn the system before you go live, but you will most likely have questions that did not come up 1-3 months after your installer departs. Plan for this and build it into your installation schedule.

When you follow the above steps you produce a recipe for success for you and your team… and how sweet does that taste?

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