“Data, will you tell me a story? But, one I haven’t heard before!” Part 1 of 3

By: Tim Pincelli

As useful and cool as Siri is, she still has one major let down…you have to know what question to ask in order for her to answer you. This ‘all knowing’ deficiency may change as soon as Siri can tell me what I’m looking for before I hold the center button down and hear the melodious tone I’ve come to love (at which point, I’ll never put her down again).

Having to know the question to get an answer or story is where business data and business operations don’t see eye to eye. For example, restaurant information systems that help run restaurants today do a great job of collecting and regurgitating gobs and gobs of data. But does this data actually tell you anything about your restaurant when you really need it? What can you ‘do’ when you open your coveted report over morning coffee or tea about anything that happened prior to you opening the report?

The answer: Little to nothing.

Let’s do a mid-blog quiz: Take a second and grab your mobile companion (formally known as your phone). Look through your beloved apps and answer the following questions:

How many apps do you have that tell you something you may not already know about your businesses?
For that matter, how many apps tell you anything about what’s happening in your businesses right now?

You know I wouldn’t ask you these questions and interrupt a great read without a purpose, right? Actionable, predictive, and loss preventative information is trapped, lurking somewhere in your gobs and gobs of data. Gobs of data populating in a database is not business intelligence. I see business intelligence defined as telling me something I don’t already know, so that I can learn from it and do something with it in real-time. That’s what will help me make more intelligent decisions about my business.

I want an intelligent mobile companion that teaches me something while I’m in motion and forced to make fast business decisions, while sparing me the analysis paralysis in endless buckets of trapped information. The key here is that I want my companion to tell me the story that I may not already know.

With the highly anticipated release of our mobile app, MICROS inMotion, look for Part 2 of this blog where I will start to define specifically what characteristics the ideal mobile companion ‘must have’ to be a great story teller!

Find out more about what MICROS can do for you! For more information contact us at info@micros.com Phone: 866.287.4736 (US and Canada)

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