Blogging 101: Five key benefits to starting a hotel blog

The following post is from Meghan Veroneau, Marketing Coordinator.

There’s been a lot of talk in the hospitality industry about blogs and how they can help enhance your property or brand’s overall marketing strategy. But many marketing professionals often wonder if the time and effort that goes into blogging will draw a significant enough return to justify the investment.

We at MICROS eCommerce advocate for property or branded blogs for a variety of reasons, but suggest that hotels consider not only how the blog can impact and enhance their overall marketing strategy but also if they are good candidates for the platform.

In this first post in the three-part series, we’ll explore the key benefits for a hotel or brand-based blog.

Enhance your overall marketing strategy
Specifically, this can become a key component to your communication strategy, as another outlet to target your current loyal guests as well as attract those coveted ‘lookers.’

Gain key SEO benefits and improve natural search rankings
Google puts a high value on fresh and dynamic content. A typical hotel website is static, with very few content changes. Compare that to a blog, where the content is refreshed as frequently as you post. Google will crawl your page whenever there is new content, and the more relevant, frequent content, the higher you appear in search results.

See increased web traffic
Better SEO rankings will lead to increased website traffic, which ultimately leads to the coveted direct bookings.

Create content for social media 
Every time a new blog post goes live, you can promote the post through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or any other platform you want.

Facilitate conversations between the property and guests with an “insider’s look” at the property 
Blogs, like most social platforms, offer the opportunity for a two-way conversation stream with your guests. Today’s guests, more than ever before, seek to have customized encounters with the property before, during and after a visit, and a blog is a great way to supplement this experience.

Stay tuned for the second part of our series, a checklist to determine if your team is ready and engaged enough to begin a blogging adventure. If you or your team is interested in learning more, we’d encourage you to contact the professionals at MICROS eCommerce today. Our dedicated content and social media teams can assist with blog design and development as well as provide strategic guidance for optimization and ongoing content efforts.

Interested in ramping up your online strategy? Check out the full suite of MICROS eCommerce interactive marketing toolssend us an email, or give us a call +1 301.841.4700(US) | +44 (0)20 3004 9468(UK).

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