Five FAM Trip Themes

The following post is from McLean Robbins, Copywriting Manager.

Familiarization, or FAM, trips are a great way to expose media, travel agents, and relevant industry professionals to your property, brand, or area. These trips, in their most basic sense, exchange subsidized accommodations, transportation, and lodging for education around the property and area as well as media coverage, which can elevate your property’s overall reputation and boost SEO through vital inbound link traffic.

Consider these five themes for your next FAM trip.

Social Media
Consider eschewing traditional press for a focus on digital influencers invited for a special “social media” weekend. The trip can compose a general or specific theme that offers numerous opportunities for media to share their story on-property through Facebook posts, Tweets, videos, Instagram and Pinterest updates, and FourSquare check-ins. Offer a dedicated hashtag for the weekend, plan a number of hands-on activities, and offer up plenty of free time so that your bloggers and influencers can find content that will fit with their audiences.

Food & Beverage
Invite food-centered media to your property for a trip revolving around the gastronomic pleasures of your property. Host a cooking class, tour the kitchens, visit a local farm, or plan a picnic using farm-to-table ingredients from your on-site garden. If your property is located in a city known for its food, consider partnering with local restaurants or the CVB for off-property excursions.

Romance / Spa / Wellness / Golf
Target the finer thing in life with a trip designed around your property’s leisure, wedding and romance segment. Offer spa treatments, yoga classes, or healthful meals that encourage travelers to relax, unwind and detox. If your property has a large golf or fitness segment, you can pair this trip with or create a separate venue for adventure / sports / fitness writers.

Off Season
If your property has a distinct on and off season, take advantage of the lower occupancy rates and invite media to experience your property and destination when it is quiet. Showcase all that your property has to offer – hiking at ski resorts, spa treatments at beach resorts in winter, or great food – all things that can encourage press about what a great “off season escape” your property is.

It may seem like a simple suggestion, but planning trips around a “new” angle offer a newsworthy hook – your property’s new LEED certification, a new chef, a new renovation, or a new amenity on-property or in the area can draw in media and result in prompt coverage.

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