Service Sells

How to boost your bottom line with a smile.

By: Sophie Talbot

I was half-watching one of my guilty pleasures, “Undercover Boss”, last night and the CEO of a window treatment company was shadowing a technician who was doing an installation. This technician was amazing and went above and beyond to improve the customer experience. It got me thinking… I should look at that company and see what they have to offer. (This is particularly impressive as I was also reviewing and answering emails at the time, so I was not paying my full attention to the TV.)

My mind continued on to ponder about a couple of great meals I have eaten recently. It wasn’t just the food that was great, it was the server that contributed to me ending up spending more and having a great time.

Back in the days, when I was a Junior Assistant Manager for a hotel, my GM was a real industry Pro. He could charm the birds out of the trees, and he always had smiling on his must-do list. If you weren’t smiling while working you were in trouble. Your day would only get worse if there was a light bulb out in a public area that you hadn’t reported to maintenance to be replaced.

Of course, I started to apply this line of thinking to how MICROS gets involved in helping our customers maximize their own guest experiences. When I looked this morning at the blog posts that the team has posted, a lot are centered around how our technology platform can do just that.

Just touching the surface of the many different customer service angles, the spectrum ranges dramatically from using OPERA queue rooms functionality to allowing customers to do everything over a smart phone.

If you are not familiar with these great pieces of functionality, OPERA queue rooms functionality with a text messaging interface allows a property to place customers who have arrived at the hotel (when their assigned room is still dirty and unavailable at the time) into a queue for a room after registering. This allows the hotel staff to monitor how long the guest has been waiting, to ensure guests get access to their assigned rooms in a timely manner. Some of our customers use a text messaging interface tied to this functionality, which allows the hotel front desk to text the customer with updates and let them know when their room is ready. This is extremely useful for guests, so they don’t have to keep coming back to the front desk and asking for the status.

Smart Phone capabilities also allow customers to do everything over their phones if that is what they prefer. With our MyStayManager tool set, users can do everything from reservations to room service and all the way through to their check out.

Our colleagues in the E-Commerce Team offer our customers reputation management tools and services, which allow them to keep track of postings on social media in order to ensure that complaints are handled quickly, efficiently and help turn a bad review into a service win.

Our CRM tools, such as OPERA Customer Information System, allow hoteliers to reward their customers for their loyalty – designed to do what? Yup, you guessed it – improve that customer experience.

So, next time you are thinking about guest service, think about how your technology partner can be leveraged to ensure you give the best care possible to your customers… And don’t forget to smile… :)

Find out more about what MICROS can do for you! For more information contact us at Phone: 866.287.4736 (US and Canada)

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