Believing in Your Products Means: Using them Yourself!

By: Stefanie Piennak, Product Manager of Sales & Catering and Sales Force Automation

If I owned, managed, or worked for a company that, let’s say, manufactured cars, would I go out and buy my next car from a competitor? Of course not! I would go for my ‘own’ product for multiple reasons. I know how it works. I know its quality. I have the right people to talk to at hand if something does happen to go out of order or I need something changed. And I see my sales team driving it.

Does this principle apply to software applications? It certainly does! Case in point: The MICROS-Fidelio Asia-Pacific team adapted the OPERA Sales & Catering and OPERA BI applications in an amazing way to manage MICROS customers, all sales processes and quotes, and regional sales statistic reporting across more than 15 different offices in Asia-Pacific. OPERA’s flexibility in regard to multi-language support, multi-currency support, and the ability to tweak software processes, formed the basis for this adaption. The product knowledge and creativity of the Asia-Pacific OPERA team allowed for the remarkable transformation of a software product targeted at the hospitality industry into an incredible tool to manage the business and sales processes for an altogether different industry – software sales and implementation management.

When initially looking for a tool, the MICROS Asia-Pacific team did some research into other commercial, non-business specific CRM systems, but apart from being extremely costly, none of the reviewed options had all features that were required for a successful roll-out throughout a very diverse region like Asia-Pacific where languages, cultures, currencies, taxes and many legal requirements are different from country to country. It didn’t take long to think of a product that did have all these required features. OPERA itself! Sure, ‘Business Blocks’ had to be renamed into ‘Projects’, ‘Events’ became ‘Elements’, and many other system modules were given a new designation, but all of this was possible without code changes, due to the translation studio elements incorporated into OPERA.

MICROS-Fidelio Asia-Pacific offices are now able to forecast quarterly revenue and resource demands much more accurately. Sales and scheduling workflow processes are generated through use of activity traces. Statistical data is presented in professional reports and graphs via the OPERA BI application.

Using the products you sell to sell them? Sure thing! The Asia-Pacific team has shown us that it is possible, with an amazing result.

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