What’s In A Name?

By:  Mike Provost

Like so many of us, I receive quite a few regular mailings, both at home and in the office.  Increasingly, those mailings arrive in electronic form, rather than by print, but no matter the media, they seem to share one common problem:  Me… or rather, what or who the senders believe me to be.

For example, I receive a couple of monthly trade magazines here in the office.  One of them, I’ve received here for years, since I was a Product Specialist with OPERA V5 Development.  Apparently, when adding me to their database, someone made a small typo and listed my title as “Sr. Produce Specialist”.  This was of course, not a huge deal to me, and I found it rather amusing.  Each year, when the subscription renewal form came due, I made the change to the correct title and sent it in.  However, for years I still received the magazine as “Mike Provost – Sr. Produce Specialist – MICROS Systems, Inc”. Now, I know that MICROS has a diverse portfolio of solutions that we provide for the Hospitality Industry, but to my knowledge, Greengrocer is not yet one of them (at least not for the actual leafy green items;  MICROS-Retail has some really cool solutions for pretty much everything else – check them out at http://www.micros-retail.com).

We’ve all seen this in our own mail, be it an incorrect title or a misspelled name.  Such a small slip may not be much more than an inconvenience or a point of amusement for most people, but for some, this might be an insult, or at least cast doubt on the integrity of your mailing.  Data integrity is key from collection and entry, to maintenance and use.

That’s one reason why, when developing OPERA 9, the next generation of our OPERA Enterprise Management Solution, we’re striving to make the entry and display of information as intuitive as possible.  By minimizing any potential confusion at the point of entry or update, the number of errors can hopefully be reduced.  And by making the existing data clear and easy to understand, potential data-entry errors can be more easily spotted and corrected.  We’re even researching different ways to have the application compare certain key “entered” data against established standards or even other entries, and report back possible discrepancies.  After everything you go through to get that guest and the information to keep them coming back, it would be a shame to turn them off due to a series of typos.

Oh, and by the way… when I joined the OPERA 9 team, I got a brand new title, and thought I would finally put this episode behind me.  Alas, I am now “Mike Provost – Produce Manager – MICROS Systems, Inc”.  Oh well… Carrots, anyone?

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