Crafting Compelling Pinterest Content

Travel industry professionals are well-primed to offer up creative Pinterest content that engages the user, titillates the senses and inspires action (and those coveted re-pins).

Today’s blog post, from Digital Compass editor and TIG Global Copywriting Manager McLean Robbins, delves deeper into ways to work out a “Professional Pinterest Content Strategy” for your brand.


Make sure your profile speaks to who you are as a company and is easy to find on all social channels.
Is your user name the same as your business? Did you fill out your “About” section and connect your Pinterest pages with your Facebook and Twitter accounts? Is your website URL in your profile?

Choose beautiful images
Pinterest is a pretty, happy place. Beautiful images are more likely to be re-pinned. So if you haven’t hosted a hotel photo shoot in some time – now would be a good excuse to do so. Consider watermarking your images or adding pretty text to the bottom so that your branding is kept as images are re-shared across the site.

Give boards creative titles
With each re-pin, your board name will be re-shared across the Pinterest site, so feel free to get creative. Be sure to give each board a category so that it can be searched.

Create captivating captions and comment, comment, comment
Use @ replies to tag other users and searchable hashtags to mark keywords. While users can change descriptions with each image, they often don’t – so leverage this opportunity to include your hotel’s name in the description. You can also comment on, re-pin and “like” other people’s pins – a great way to engage your fellow pinners. Remember, social media is most successful when it’s “social”.

Pin regularly
Pins rise to the top of a user’s newsfeed when they are first posted or re-pinned. While it’s possible that your post from several months ago will continue to generate traffic, it’s best to post a steady stream of content rather than large spurts.

You can post videos too
This is a less-utilized feature, and so your videos are more likely to stand out.

Consider content that complements your overall marketing strategy
You can think of Pinterest as a supplementary social channel to enhance your efforts on Facebook or Twitter, or a separate entity with goals and potential ROI all its own. We’d strongly suggest you consider making this fast-growing social media platform a voice of its own in your overall content marketing plans.


Create “Contributor” boards
Encourage your staff to contribute to your Pinterest presence – the more, the merrier.

Show the unexpected
You don’t have to show stock photos – use a board to showcase real time photos from employees, or offer a behind the scenes tour of say, the kitchen and menu items.

Create a fan board
A moderated board would allow fans to submit their own photos of the hotel or resort and share in the fun.

Coupons, contests and more
You can share beautiful, visually interesting promos and coupons or offer special Pinterest promotions. You could even run a contest encouraging users to submit photos – perhaps the one with the most “likes” or “repins” wins?

Use a good mix of interior and exterior shots, with lots of detail images. Something as mundane as a bathroom or linens can become inspiring in the right light.

  • Showcase meeting rooms configured for all different event types, and concentrate on the inspiration details – a great flower arrangement, creative seating setup, or beautiful lighting.
  • Go outside and photograph the flowers, the pool at sunset, or the first snow dusting your hotel’s rooftop.
  • Remember, pinners love weddings. Showcase lots of options.
  • Take magazine-style shots of your new menu and share with recipes for the guests.
  • Leave the property entirely and capture the best attractions and events in the nearby town or city.
  • Consider the best times of day – sunrise and sunset.
  • Think in COLOR.
  • Share real people and real events.


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  1. March 30, 2012 at 2:00 pm

    Pictures definitely say a thousand words! If you post engaging images people will continue to click on them, which will bring them to your website. It’s also very much a live feed – so you should keep posting images throughout the day.

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