Social Media: The Land of the Same Layouts?

The following post is from Meghan Veroneau, TIG Global Marketing Coordinator.

In the past few months, Facebook has introduced the Timeline for personal pages and Google+ opened for brands. Now Twitter is rolling out brand pages and changed the layout, Facebook has launched Timeline for brands, and Google+ has made adjustments to brand pages.

In the midst of all this clutter, a glaring commonality emerged: everything is starting to look the same.

Brand Pages
Take a look at the Coca-Cola brand pages below for Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.
Note: The image you see for Google+ is a designer’s idea and has not been endorsed by the brand, since the product has not launched.



coke_google+_page_tigglobal_blogWhat do you think?
Key similarities include:

  • Imagery plays a vital role
  • Two column format, which allows for easier navigation

What does this mean for you, the marketer?
Networks are more flexible in allowing brands to essentially white label their pages instead of having them be branded by the network.

While similar designs across platforms are great for branding and continuity, it is important to ensure you have a distinct marketing plan for each platform. Remember to make sure the content you are posting is unique and isn’t word-for-word the same on each platform.

What do you think? Will you be creating a cohesive design across multiple platforms, or striving to differentiate your look?

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