Facebook’s New Social Ads – What They Do and Why It Doesn’t Matter

The following post is from Brian Bagel, TIG Global Social Media Manager.

You’ve probably heard the buzz by now that Facebook will be releasing a new advertising unit. The article you read may have touted these ads as changing marketing FOREVER, or something like that. Let’s take a look at the ads and how exactly you need to be thinking about them.facebook_ads_logo_tigglobal_blog

Facebook Social Ads
Ads that tell a user whether or not your friends like a Facebook page will now be the default, rather than an option. Additionally, ads will allow users to interact with them just as they would with any other Facebook post. Users can like, comment, and share the ads (just like they can with a status update).

The upside of that ability is that it puts Facebook’s social graph to work. If a user comments on an ad, then that ad will then be displayed to their network with the corresponding comment. Essentially, Facebook is banking on the ability for an ad to go viral. This potentially can mean huge benefits for a brand and its Facebook page.

What It Really Means
Not much, quite frankly. If you’re managing your Facebook presence (or any social media presence), you’re already thinking about how to make your posts and your advertisements as compelling as possible. If you’re not already doing that, then perhaps it’s time to rethink your entire marketing strategy rather than just your Facebook ads.

The benefits of users being able to share ads can no doubt be a boon for advertisers that manage to catch lightning in a bottle. But don’t expect everything you post to be interacted with at astronomical rates. Your ads are just one of hundreds of thousands of other posts that Facebook user see on a given day.

Not Always Positive
Everything we’ve seen so far indicates that comments can’t be set to only be positive, meaning that when  people leave negative comments on an ad, those comments will be shared just the same as the positive ones. What does this mean for you ? Ads now need to be monitored with the same diligence as other posts, and responded to accordingly.

The Bottom Line
Having ads shared organically is great, and the benefits are clear. But you still need to devise content that people actually want to share. That’s a challenge that is not new.

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