Pinterest Continues to Make a Splash

The following post is from Meghan Veroneau, TIG Global Marketing Coordinator.

Pinterest continues to make a splash in the social networking sphere. Contributing to the overall buzz is that even though Pinterest is two years old, it is still invite only. Who doesn’t want to be involved in something exclusive, fueled by desirability and mystique?

According to, viewership on the site increased 329% from September to December 2011. The rapid growth on this site has everyone wondering if it is here to stay or not. From the current growth and being listed as a top 5 social network in 2011 by Time, I think it’s safe to say that Pinterest isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.


According to Shareaholic, Pinterest refers 3.6% of traffic to websites, just 0.01% shy of Twitter referral rates. Pinterest also refers more traffic than YouTube, Reddit, Google+, LinkedIn, and MySpace combined. What is even more incredible is that back in July, Pinterest only referred 0.17% of traffic.


Clearly Facebook is still the leader in referral traffic and StumbleUpon has a firm hold on second. However, Facebook falls behind Pinterest in referral growth from December 2011 to January 2012. Even still, it is a strong growth for the social networking giant.

Additionally, search engines look to see how active you are in the social sphere. The more active you are the more favorably search engines look at your “social authority.” This is important, since search engines still drive a large chunk of referral traffic.

Pinterest has seen monster growth, and it will be interesting to see if this will continue. As I mentioned previously, Pinterest is only limited by your imagination. However, your product must fit the visual aspect of the network in order to have a strong presence.

Do you think Pinterest can continue this rapid growth? Or do you think it will fade into the background? Sound off in the comments section.

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