How to Keep a Competitive Edge in a Rapidly Expanding Casino Market: Part 2

By: Nick Abruzere

Part 2 – Enhanced Comp Promotions

The Casino Management Systems of today are very complex systems that offer a wide range of promotion and coupon capabilities. As you know, every time you put your player card in the slot machine and enjoy a session of slot play or hand your player card over during a few hands at the tables, all that data is recorded and calculated in the Casino Management System or CMS. This allows you to allocate value towards “comps” which you can redeem for everything from F&B to Retail to Show tickets. Every Casino does this and each one tailors their marketing promotions around their gaming volume in order to drive more business. In this short blog, I’m going to take the “comps” Casinos offer their guests a step further and explain how MICROS systems and Casino Systems can offer flexibility and tailor your point programs exactly to your liking.

Many Casino partners have consulted with me on ways to attract more patrons to their properties on slow nights or even slower parts of the day. Through robust interfacing capabilities, our teams can assist to design interfaces that offer such things as Double Points on Tuesdays from 5-9pm or provide an extra discount on purchases for a specific player card level. In other words, if you have accumulated 86 points from all of your hard work at the slot machine and you want to take a few friends out for dinner, “on the house”, you would get double the amount if you went during these specified hours! Or, if the Casino operator decides they want to implement multiple tiers for their Casino Patrons, they could have various player levels that can be achieved through the amount a player wages. Using these tiers or levels, we can provide on the spot discounts to these patrons that vary based on their tier level.

These are just a few examples on how you can use technology and MICROS to enhance your marketing programs to target and drive more business to your Casino.

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