Mobility in 2012…. is the Dam About to Break?

By: Jonathan Seigle

Mobility, mobility, mobility!

Go to any hospitality trade show these days and it seems like every booth is showing off some sort of a tablet / mobile phone / hand-held gizmo.

Attend a vendor presentation or users conference and mobility is a core part of the pitch.

Read any hospitality technology newsletter or blog and mobility is being highlighted (case in point:  see my earlier blog posting here about using mobile devices to cut down on lines at the front desk).

Even the Nevada Gaming Commission has jumped on the trend, recently approving mobile gaming away from the casino floor (

Yet despite all of the hype around mobility, the fact is that most hotels, resorts, and casinos haven’t yet adopted widespread mobile solutions. Look around: most restaurants are still taking orders the old fashioned way. Most front desks are still checking people in the same way they’ve done for the past 30 years. Most gaming is still being done at the table, the slot machine, or at the sports book window. Most in-room compendiums are still printed on paper, not displayed on an iPad.

Now that 2011 is almost in the books, predictions for 2012 are in order… and here’s mine:   2012 will be the year that the dam breaks on all of these mobile solutions and they become “mainstreamed” into the casino and resort market. Here’s why:

  • With the economy picking up, hospitality operators will deploy mobile solutions to cut costs, increase guest service, and differentiate themselves from the competition.
  • Vendor offerings will migrate from trade show floor prototypes to production-ready applications – like our OPERA2GO, being released in early 2012.
  • Guests are becoming accustomed to managing their lives via their smartphones, and as such will demand greater control over the leisure and entertainment experience, forcing operators to step up their technology offerings.

Keep an eye on this blog…. we’ll check back this same time next year and see how accurate my prediction was…

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