Don’t be the Raincloud on your Guest’s Parade

By: Jonathan Seigle

You’ve been planning your trip to Vegas for months. The day finally arrives. After a long flight and an even longer cab line at the Las Vegas airport, you’re dropped off at the hotel. As you head to the lobby, you’re excited and ready to hit the casino –you just want to check in to your room first to change. And then it hits you: the front desk line is about a mile long. Your excitement deflates as you head toward the back of the line….

Las Vegas casinos are all about using technology to enhance the guest experience. The last thing they want is the scenario described above, where valuable guests are stuck standing in line instead of out on the casino floor or enjoying one of the other resort amenities. There are several new technologies that can help casinos service their guests better– like “virtual room keys” that allow the guest to bypass the front desk altogether; tablet-based checkin/check-out devices that enable hotel front desk agents to come out into the lobby to do “line-busting”; and smart-phone apps that give the guests the power to manage their own hotel stays. Whether in a 5000-room Vegas hotel casino or a 150 room boutique properties, you’ll be seeing more and more extensions of PMS technology beyond the front desk.

At MICROS we are continually working on modules and enhancements to the OPERA Property Management that leverage all these new technologies. So the next time you’re in Vegas, check out the lobby technology and see if the hotel you are staying in is using any of these strategies to help better serve their guests.


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