Dr. Suess Visits MICROS????

By: Ed Rothenberg

With all due respect to Dr. Seuss and his penchant for making up words, we’ve invented a new word here at MICROS.  iMoPadLet. It’s the word we are hearing from restaurateurs when they talk about how they want to engage their guests in activities that increase loyalty and repeat business. iMoPadlet. It’s going to drive the Restaurant of the Future.

The truth about the iMoPadLet is that restaurants really don’t want to buy it. They want their customers to bring in their own iMoPadLet and use them in the restaurant. I checked at Best Buy … the sales associate had never heard of an iMoPadLet, but he was
pretty sure they were currently sold out!

What can a restaurant do with an iMoPadLet? Everything! It slices! It Dices! But Wait …There’s More! It’s a veritable Ronco Commercial for improving restaurant operations. Guests will love it, employees will make more money, managers will dance in the dining room!

OK. We all get it. The world is in love with electronic gadgetry.  iPhones, Mobile Devices, iPad, iPods and Tablets are revolutionizing access to information and entertainment. But these devices are also a very viable platform for restaurants to drive business, with a measurable ROI. 

iMoPadLet Solutions are centrally hosted ‘Software as a Service’ solutions designed to engage the customer with your restaurant. These solutions are accessible from the full lineup of consumer handheld and tablet devices as well as from a PC or laptop over the web. The interactive user experience is tailored specifically for each restaurant; strengthening brand identity and value with their target demographic. The focus is on engaging the restaurant patron and providing convenience and value to drive repeat visits. iMopadlet solutions are fully integrated into POS and CRM Platforms so that interface and system management issues are eliminated and success can be measured. In the near term, a successful ROI for an iMoPadLet project is 3-5% of customers increase their number of visits by 1-2 times per month.  In the future, as general demographics change,restaurant customers will come to expect engagement via their mobile device as a normal part of the restaurant experience.

There is not a one size fits all in terms of devices consumers will want to use. A restaurant’s interactive iMoPadlet’s experience should work on all varieties of smartphones, tablets, as well as mobile phones. This is very important in maximizing the number of customers that can participate and ensuring maximum ROI.

As a restaurateur, how do you engage in a iMoPadlet Project? Look at your brand, your customers, and decide what strengths you want to leverage and what opportunities or threats you want to address. Some questions you might ask are: Do you have a sophisticated beer or wine menu that you would like to educate your customers on? A celebrity chef that you want your customers to “meet” virtually? A growing carry-out business? A competitive, game oriented customer base that might compete with other guests for prizes and participate in tournaments?  Pick a set of experiences and capabilities (content) that will accomplish your goals. (see the table above).  Once you implement, monitor the use and effectivity and make changes based on customer feedback. Keeping your content fresh and current is critical to building and maintaining a loyal user base. 

So next time you see a long line out in front of the Apple Store, you can be sure that the next generation iMoPadlet has been released. Jump in line to get yours, then take it to your favorite restaurant and enjoy an enhanced dining experience with your Green Eggs and Ham! 

iMopadLet … I’ve gotta get me one!

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