How the New Facebook Changes Will Affect Businesses – Part II

The following is a post from Kevin Olivieri, TIG Global Social Media Analyst.

PART II (of a II Part series)

Last week we went over how the new Facebook changes affect Businesses in regards to content. Now, we’re going to take a look at other options to get you in noticed with the new Facebook changes.

Branded social apps
The newest open graph changes give brands an opportunity to easily create apps that automatically share users actions from within the app, going beyond “Liking” and adding a new dimension to shared stories. For example, The Washington Post partnered with Facebook to create a new social app that shares every article your read while in the app, with your friends.

With this, a brand can build out a social app with the intention of leveraging a particular action to share with users friends in a way that really promotes the brand. By utilizing this opportunity, brands can greatly increase their chances of social discovery at a time when being noticed and remaining relevant is increasingly more difficult.

Ads will certainly grow in importance
With the Facebook platform’s newsfeed changes, it’s going to get increasingly harder for brands to get in front of fans. Coupling this with the new wealth of intimate information about each user from the open graph changes, Facebook ads will become a very viable option in getting your message and brand in front of fans.

Facebook, who already has probably the most hyper targeted advertising capabilities right now, will soon have even more in-depth targeting available. As users start sharing more personal data on what they do and when they do it through social apps, advertisers will be able to create ads using this information to really pinpoint their target audience and deliver relevant advertisements.

Interestingly enough, Facebook announced yesterday that they will be introducing ads that can be interacted with. This means when developing ads, brands should consider what messages they believe will result in interactions.

Bigger opportunity for Sponsored Stories
Considering the inevitable growth in social app usage, the wealth of actions that are going to be shared by users on the Facebook platform will give rise to countless Sponsored Story opportunities. Sponsored Stories, if you are unfamiliar, is an advertising format that takes something you did or said with a brand on Facebook, and features that story as an advertisement to your friends. For example, if I visited Starbucks and checked in using Facebook, Starbucks can take my check in and turn it into a sponsored story advertisement that targets my friends. The hope is that my friends will take my visit to the location as a personal recommendation.

As social apps start popping up, expect to see brands leverage the actions on the social apps into sponsored story advertisements to stick out, rather than just relying on social discovery.

Facebook is always evolving. Although it seems like there’s something changing every month on the platform, this evolution Facebook is currently going through has some of the farthest reaching effects ever. With the combination of a steady flow of content, a short amount of time to be seen, and lots of competition for eyeballs, understanding how to get your message across on Facebook in the face of these new changes is essential in a brands success.

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