News We Noted: Facebook Launches its Latest Game Changer with the New “Send” Button

The following is a post from Meghan Veroneau, TIG Global Marketing Coordinator.

Facebook is at it again with its latest round of updates, keeping businesses, once again, on their toes, and rushing to keep up with their pace. But, fortunately, these changes work to the advantage of both users and businesses by streamlining the sharing process.

How “Send” works
So Facebook just launched a new ‘send’ button. What does that mean? Well, this is not the send button you will use to update your status, post on friend’s walls’, or leave a comment for the world to see. Basically, the “new” send button allows users to better segment the type of information that they send to different groups of people so that they can share private information. The concept is similar to sending a direct message – whether to an individual, few people, group of people, or email – but the plus side is that this tool allows users to send messages on the fly, without leaving the webpage they are viewing.  So essentially, it is replacing the “email a friend” button on 3rd party websites.

The Benefits of the New Button
Before if you wanted to send a link to an individual or a group of people, you would have to: first copy the link, then open Facebook in another tab/window, then click send a message, then type the names of everyone you wanted to receive the message, then paste the link into the text of the message, and finally send the message. What the send button does is eliminate the need to do those extra steps. With the send button, you can send the link to a few friends, a group, etc, without leaving the webpage you are on. Now what you’ll do is click on the send button, and up pops a message box (with the link already in the message) and the only blank you, as the consumer, needs to fill in is who you want to share this link with.

This allows you to share a webpage privately with only select contacts, versus if you were to “like” a webpage in the past, ALL of your Facebook friends would see. For example, you are trying to plan a spring vacation with your five closest friends. You as the planner stumble across a hotel that would be perfect for this vacation, but want to share with your five friends before booking. Piece of cake, use the new send button to share the link for them to view the hotel’s webpage, and then click the “like” button attached to the message to show your excitement about the vacation to the group.

Example from

How will it affect your business?
So, how will it affect your business? Well, it won’t affect your business at all if you don’t have the ‘send’ button on your webpage.  The ‘send’ button can be added as a standalone button or in a combination with the ‘like’ button, so we suggest that you consider adding this new feature to your social strategy.

Ideally, the ‘send’ button is going to create a seamless sharing mechanism that enables more personalized recommendations for consumers who are more likely to click on the link directing them to your webpage. This means more primed customers delivered to your site with the potential to boost your bookings. We will keep an eye on this as it develops to see what sort of effect this has on ROI.

Can this be measured?
Yes, but not immediately. Facebook will offer real-time metrics through Facebook Insights in the next few weeks, so that you would be able to access the number of send button impressions, messages, and referral clicks to your website.

Will you jump on the bandwagon and add the send button to your website? Do you think consumers will adopt this new feature, or will it be a flash in the pan? Weigh in with your thoughts in the comments section.

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