Eye on the Industry: Google Announces Instant Preview

The following is a post from Hart Van Santvoord, TIG Global Search Marketing Manager.

Google is at it again, announcing yet another change to the search engine results pages, with what they are calling Google ‘Instant Preview.’ Instant Preview allows a user to view a graphic overview for each of the organic search results before deciding which one to click through. According to Google, Instant Preview will benefit users by allowing them to:

  • Quickly compare results visually
  • Pinpoint relevant content with text call outs related to the search query
  • Interact with the results page previews before deciding to click through

Here is a screenshot showing Instant Preview in action.

Click image to enlarge

By clicking on the magnifying glass to the right of the title on any of the displayed results Instant Preview populates. Once a user has initiated the feature they can simply mouse over all other organic results to compare the visual previews. This post does a good job of displaying the process.

Some obvious initial questions and thoughts include:

  • What will the effects be on paid search as the previews partially cover the Ads section?
  • What will the effect be on traffic to Google Maps as the previews partially cover the floating map?
  • Previews do not support flash which could be perceived negatively by users.
  • Text call-outs are magnified in previews and replace traditional meta descriptions in organic results calling out importance of producing engaging content on your site.

Not everyone can see Instant Preview yet, but you can test it out in the meantime. Expect to see this feature live across more than 40 languages in the next few days for organic search and potentially in paid search sometime in the future.

Stay tuned to the TIG Global Blog for any updates on ‘Instant Preview,’ as well as the many other recent announcements by Google. As always your thoughts and questions are greatly appreciated so feel free to fill out the comments section below.

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