News We Noted: Finding Your Twitter Persona

The following is a blog post from Brian, Social Media Manager for TIG Global.

Lisa Barone of Outspoken Media recently wrote an interesting guest piece for Small Business Trends talking about the many different types of Twitter accounts, and which ones might be right for various types of businesses.

In her article, she mentions:

The Totally Corporate Account
This refers to a business that tweets as the company itself and does not incorporate a specific employee or personality into the account. Good examples in this case are @JetBlue, @Starbucks, and @SouthwestAir

The Corporate-led Persona Account
Allows the business to tweet formally as a corporation, but also mix in a bit of personality and insight in relation to the person in charge of tweeting publicly. Examples include @Zappos or @DunkinDonuts

The Strictly Personal Account
This is a recreational tweeter with no visible ties to a corporate account. This leisurely user usually tweets about personal issues, or shares links to favorite products or interests strictly within a personal network.

The Business/Personal Hybrid Account
This seems to be the most common account type among small business owners, as it allows for a space to discuss both personal and professional topics about industry happenings, personal struggles, or personal interests to help build a stronger network and support system.

The Character Account
This type of account is used to express the voice of a recognized character, such as a corporate spokesperson or TV personality, used to build the brand and connect with customers. Some good examples of this are @aflackduck or @RoamingGnome

Overall, I think she hit the nail on the head in terms of identifying the main personas that businesses use on this popular networking site. But, there are a couple of additional key points to address that relate specifically to the hospitality sector.

First, I’m not completely sold that there needs to be a difference between the “Totally Corporate” and “Corporate-Led Persona” account. For many hotels, restaurants, and destinations, their Twitter solutions require them to wear many hats. In order for them to find success on Twitter, they receive input from the concierge, sommelier, sales teams, gardeners, and many other resources on staff. They’re trying to give more than customer service or a special deal here and there; they’re trying to give their business a unique, personable voice. They don’t quite fit into either of those groups, and that’s OK.

For businesses on Twitter, there will always be a delicate balance. Are you cannibalizing your brand’s value by constantly tweeting deals? Will you be committed enough to use it only for customer service? Do you have the resources to make sure you have material to tweet multiple times a week? Ask yourself those questions, and perhaps the voice you want will become a little bit clearer.

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