Eye on the Industry: LinkedIn and Twitter Partner Up

This past week, the social media realm welcomed the arrival of a brand new partnership that promises to substantially leverage the business side of online networking. LinkedIn and Twitter have signed on to a deal that will merge the benefits of the professional powerhouse with the real-time perks of Tweeting.

About the Players
LinkedIn, currently the largest professional social network created for members, just surpassed the 50-million member mark last month. Twitter, a microblogging social network, enables users with a steady stream of updates that are broadcast in short, 140 character messages to other subscribers. Twitter has also experienced enormous growth and is estimated to reach a total of 18 million monthly adult users in the US by the end of 2009 (a 200% increase from 2008), and climb another 44% to 26 million by 2010, according to a recent eMarketer study. With such staggering numbers and attentive audiences, it is easy to see the potential for tremendous gains resulting from this relationship.

So How Do These Sites Work Together?
The partnership is unique in that it allows users of Twitter and LinkedIn to post status updates instantaneously to both social networks. When a user updates their status on LinkedIn, they can also elect for it to be broadcasted on Twitter and picked up on real-time search services. In reverse, Twitter users can choose to have their tweet posted on LinkedIn, which is especially useful for messages regarding industry information, job seeking, job posting and other career-related information.

For instructions on how to use these new features, visit LinkedIn’s Learning Center at: http://learn.linkedin.com/twitter/

What is the Benefit?
So how does this powerful union stand to boost your business? In a video posted on LinkedIn and YouTube, Reid Hoffman, the co-founder and chairman of LinkedIn, and Biz Stone, the co-founder of Twitter, discussed the benefits of this partnership. “It is the integration of the business side of the tweets and Twitter with the business ecosystem of LinkedIn that make the two work together,” Hoffman said in the video.

In their infancy, both sites appeared more linear than they are today. LinkedIn has always focused on the business segment, and served as a repository for sharing ideas and virtual resumes, but it has evolved into something much greater. Today, users can join professional networks within LinkedIn, update status messages, create company pages, and beyond, bringing them into the real-time environment that has proven so lucrative. Twitter has also quickly gained steam in the business arena. The site has grown to establish itself beyond seemingly superfluous personal messages and developed into an integral outlet for online users to network and share information pertaining to their businesses, industries and job searches. The information, news, articles, and commentary that Twitter users post online helps them to create an online resume that can be found easily through simple search queries on the Internet. Having the ability to update a status message so rapidly from Twitter to LinkedIn, and vice versa, takes professional networking to the next level, making it that much easier and faster for colleagues and potential business partners to find and connect with each another.

TIG Global Tips
Interested in testing the new functionality of these sites for your business? Here are a few tips that will help you make the most of this new feature:

-Use this cross-updating feature on occasions when you have a reason for sending information to a wider distribution

-Think about who is reading your updates on both sites. It is best to keep tweets and LinkedIn status messages professional in nature to appeal to a larger audience and to avoid having inappropriate commentary pop-up across your networks

-Communicate about industry best practices, recent news and job opportunities. Be sure to include appropriate links that make it effortless to find the information you are referencing
-Remember; give credit where credit is due. Acknowledge others if you are retweeting opinions

-Ask questions on Twitter/LinkedIn to seek answers for professional causes. Also, jump in and get conversations started within the growing number of professional networks and groups to get your name and expertise out there

-Keep in mind that although you can “delete” a tweet, it will live forever on the Internet and can still be found in search results.

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